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Date: 03/07/2022

3 Types of Stone Retaining Walls Most Suitable For Your Garden

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Retaining walls are built to fulfill an enclosure function. In general, these are walls built specifically to contain large amounts of earth or withstand lateral pressures or earth thrusts. There are a variety of materials to build a retaining wall, but if you have already decided on a stone wall, you should know that there are different types that can serve you.

Types of stone retaining wall

Dry stone wall

It is one of the most traditional stone walls, normally found in mountainous areas and rural areas.

It is a wall formed only by stones, which are flat at the top and bottom. No cement or any other joining element is used, the consistency, stability and final balance are conferred by the geometry and flat surface of the stones.

Currently they are hardly used for retaining houses, because it requires specialized labor, with an expert team such as Go Green Landscape, and they are walls with less resistance to large loads, however, they are walls of great strength and beauty so they can be used as decorative elements.

Breakwater walls

They are retaining or support walls formed by large irregular blocks of stones with a geometric shape, without carving and requiring the use of specific machinery for their placement.

Natural stone retaining walls

Many walls of these characteristics are built with concrete bases. However, natural stone retaining walls provide benefits while meeting the same functions and safety standards as a traditional wall.

Within this category, gabion retaining walls are used. It is a wire mesh arranged in rectangular boxes, which are filled with natural stone and rocks. This is used in those cases in which it is necessary to build a structure to control the erosion of a piece of land.

It is a fact that the structure of the most pleasant retaining wall for your garden and that solves the unevenness problem will depend on different variables that are entrusted to the construction team, who must be professionals, such as the Go Green Landscape company, who are always attentive to :

  • Resistance parameters.
  • Material deformation parameter.
  • Construction process and details of the project.
  • Materials and mechanical characteristics of the soil.

If you know the basics of a retaining wall and decided to build one that is durable, stable, strong and beautiful for your garden, based on natural stone, you can immediately contact Go Green Landscape, who offer a totally free estimate. if you go to them and tell them about the project you have in mind. They will know how to advise you like a friend.

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