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Date: 05/05/2023

Is a Catch Basins the same as a Storm Drain?


Is a Catch Basins the same as a storm drain?

The terms “catch basin” and “storm drain” are often used interchangeably because both trap and redirect water runoff. However, they differ based on their purpose and the types of water runoff they handle.
For example, a catch basin catches rainfall or garden and lawn water runoff and is a part of a residential landscape drainage system. On the other hand, a storm drain is located on the side of city roads to catch stormwater runoff and prevent road flooding.
A storm drain is a kind of catch basin and a part of a larger municipal storm sewer system.

The benefits of catch basin include:

They support drainage systems. Catch Basins serve as a pretreatment stage in storm drains and sewer systems. Sediments and large debris found in stormwater are trapped and retained in the basin. They do not proceed into the storm drain or sewer system, which helps to keep the drainage system from overloading. If debris gets into the sewer system, it will lead to clogs and reduce the effectiveness of the drainage system. A catch basin can minimize drainage issues, which means less maintenance needs to be performed on the drainage systems, increasing their longevity. Of course, for a catch basin to be as effective as possible, it must be well maintained.

They act as landscape aid. Catch basins are particularly useful for homes that receive heavy rainfall and have poor drainage. A catch basins, if installed correctly, can serve as a rainwater reservoir to prevent stagnant water. Standing rainwater can cause many problems, including sodden ground, mosquitoes, bacteria growth, and bad odors. A catch basins is an excellent preventative measure for these problems.

They keep your basement from flooding. Poorly drained gardens can also cause problems inside the home, especially in the basement. Downspout water that is not drained from the foundation can easily flood a basement. Ideally, your driveway should also slope away from your house to prevent flooding. If the house is in a region with heavy rainfall, this situation can be particularly dangerous. Over time, this water that seeps into the home can damage many valuable things, such as carpets, floors, and furniture. The best way to remedy this situation is to divert water from the downspout by using well-constructed drains, which are placed directly under the downspouts.

Increases the value of your home. Since a sink is a useful addition to your home, it increases its resale value in case you are thinking of selling it. Having a good drainage system installed gives you a good reason to increase the value of your home because of the big problem you solved.

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