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Irrigation System

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We install fully automated sprinkler or drip irrigation systems in any area of your garden and according to its capabilities. Whether it is a small, medium or large space, we can work on all types of terrain to install an irrigation system.


If you already have an installed irrigation system and it is damaged or does not perform its function correctly, we take care of repairing any type of damage or installing an irrigation system from scratch again.

Irrigation System

Considering the drought that the state of California is experiencing, we know that an irrigation system is the most appropriate option if you want to save water and preserve the garden at the same time.

The drought in the San Francisco Bay can seriously affect the life of any garden. This is why we are very interested in saving as much water as possible by installing an automatic irrigation system.

The most used irrigation systems for the conservation of domestic gardens are sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems, which is the most used even in apartments.

By installing an irrigation system you make sure you are helping to conserve the planet, save water and save money when paying the water bill.

That is why sprinklers are the preferred option to install in California gardens.

The Materials We Use Are From Toro.com

Check out Irrigation Timers and Controllers for Home Landscaping

Lawn Master II Landscape Timer 4-Zone

Lawn Master II Landscape Timer 6-Zone

Bluetooth Hose-End Timer

Low-Pressure Tap Timer

The Materials We Use Are From Orbit.com

Check out B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller

Full Control on App or Device

B-hyve® Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controllers give you the tools you need to have a great yard with the push of a button. Download the free B-hyve® app on Android or iOS to program watering schedules with ease.

Save Water & Money

When you receive rain your B-hyve® controller will stop watering and reschedule for when skies are clear.

Smart Home Ready

Both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled, the smart sprinkler control makes automatic adjustments to how often and how much to water based on your local weather.

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“I used this company for irrigation installation on a hillside. Roberto who came to do the work was on time, professional, and a very nice guy. He did a great job and the pricing was reasonable.”

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