Go Green Landscape promises to provide eloquent landscaping to homes and businesses that don’t have the time or resources to care for the landscape, offering upkeep to gardens or entirely new creations with artificial grass. Our landscape and demolition services are not the only ones, we also support water care and install traditional or smart irrigation systems that can be manipulated from a mobile application. We also have capabilities to work with wood and build strong and beautiful retaining walls, which can perfectly combine with our pavers or slab services.


All Our services


The #1 trend for garage, patios or walkways is cobblestone or brick pavers with charming desing.

Artificial Turf

The grass that can last completety green for a whole year ¡Even if the seasons change!


The hard work of maintaining your garden can be simplified in just two days in the experts hands.


Wood offers elegance, warmth and requires very little maintenance with proper care.

Irrigations Systems

The slabs allow you to combine colors and textures in differents spaces of your home.

Retaining Wall

Today’s retaining walls may have different colored vines, lights, or steps.

How we work?

Go Green’s methodology is to personally share and understand the client’s wishes, to know what you want for your patio, garden, entrance or garage that makes your home stand out. Once the desire is captured, we approach the area you want to build with our workers to make the correct evaluation of the land and decide what is the best technique, best materials, best design and best time to do it.