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Date: 03/16/2022

Things to keep in mind for a backyard deck

A deck is an open-air porch or deck that extends from a house and can add more appeal to your garden.
But before you decide to buy one backyard deck, we’d like to show you a few things to consider so you can get the best deck for you and your family, and know exactly what you want.

backyard deck for barbecues

What are you going to use your backyard deck for?

Is it going to be a space for relaxation or for holding barbecues? It is very important to determine first it is use, so you can decide which materials and designs are the best for it.
Having a grill or hot tube will add extra weight to your deck, so it’s important to keep this in mind at the beginning of the project. Thus, over time your platform will not suffer any type of overload or sinking.

Where to build your backyard deck

First, search what is allowed and what is restricted by your local building guidelines, also many towns and cities have different terms and may require a permit before building a deck.
Keep in mind the angles of the sun and weather patterns in your property. Which side gets the most sun? Which side is better protected from rain and snow?
If your deck has to face a direction with too much sun, you can always add shade by planting trees or building in shades into your deck design.

plan your backyard deck

Deck height

Once you have designated the space where your deck will be build, you need to take measurements so it won’t have any kind of problems with other structures, or that it has the perfect height for people of all ages and for keeping your privacy from your neighbors.

large backyard deck


It is essential to consider materials uses, maintenance, resistance, and costs, so you can invest your budget in the most beneficial way.

At the beginning the cost of materials and labor can seem scary but is only part of the lifetime cost of your deck. Other expenses for your consideration are maintenance, warranties, and possible replacements in the final budget. Though some materials may increase your upfront costs, over time they tend to lower maintenance, making them more affordable in the long-run.

The last important factor to consider before backyard deck installation is the construction team. It must be a professional team that has high quality materials and offers a guarantee on its service. At Go Green we work under that philosophy. Immediately consult your estimate and we will offer you a totally free answer.

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