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Date: 03/21/2022

What is the artificial turf?

The artificial turf at present is a cover similar to the grass. It is a replica of the natural grass in terms of its appearance and functionality. Its most frequent and initial use, that of sports facilities, represents a constant use throughout a year, which means that it must bear a prolling use and without much time of inactivity for recovery. Can not be set aside that at present the turf artificial installation can be seen in outer areas of gardens, swimming pools, penthouse pavements, balconies, terraces, public spaces, hotels and residences, but it is mainly recognized as backyard grass.

It offers a low maintenance, a surface free of weeds that does not need to be irrigated and fertilized, and is available in styles that resemble the types of lawn that prevail at the local level.

How is the artificial turf elaborate?

Most artificial turf systems installed today include a drainage layer, a multi-layer processing system, and resistant «grass» sheets that are placed in a granular filling to look like natural grass. Premade grass are interspersed with a top layer of the soil created with granulated recycled tire and / or rubber or other filling materials that provide the necessary stability, uniformity and recovery capacity. Each sheet of fake lawn is located above the filling material. The length of the grass and the elaboration system are determined by the requirements of the specific activity to which it is going to be devoted. In some applications, the turf artificial installation includes a pillow or elastic layer under the lawn, often in combination with a lower height of the block and less filled.

How long does an artificial turf installation last?

Sports facilities usually have an eight-year warranty, but their life expectancy will depend to a large extent on the amount, type of use and maintenance it receives. When it comes to Landscape Artificial Grass Installation, civil work and exteriorism, the artificial turf can last much longer.

Frequent uses

  • House areas: Terrace, Garden, Swimming pool, Patio, Balcony, Penthouse, Wall (Vertical Garden).
  • Sports facilities: soccer field, paddle court, tennis court, goals or minigolf, gym (crossfit), multideport.
  • Children areas: Nurseries, playgrounds.
  • Pet Zones: Dog Spaces, Cat Spaces.
  • Event areas: Outdoor events, fairs.
  • Area of public spaces: gardens, squares and urban areas.

Depending on the area where you decide to install the artificial grass, the installation may take more or less than you think. It is best to contact a professional company on the subject. If you are from San Francisco, you can count on this service prepared in the best way by the Go Green Landscape team.

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